The 7 Cycles of the 7 Chakra

Mark Sanders
13 min readJan 16, 2020

The 7 cycles of the 7 chakra

It has been my experience that people achieve various levels of understanding based upon what phase of spiritual development their endocrine/ chakra systems are in. Each of the seven energy centers within a body develops and focuses our ongoing expansion as individuals through our experiences. Though the Chakra all function continually, they mature during specific phases of our life and influence our experiences accordingly.

Each of the Chakra affects our life in various ways. Within each of these stages, the other chakras influence the progress of the individual’s self-realization process. There are in each cycle the primary influential traits that direct these phases. Every progressive year the chakra cycle through as they influence the growth of the chakra maturing during that 7-year cycle. Every seven years we repeat this cycle, while during that phase feeling the impact of the chakra that is maturing in that particular cycle.

I.E. in year four, we experience the root chakras psychological influence of fear while additionally experiencing the aspect of the heart chakra’s lessons of harmony, presenting to us as socialization.

Chakra — Sanskrit Name — Location — Governing Factor

1st — Muladhara — The Root — Fear

2nd — Svadhistana — Sacral — Feelings

3rd — Manipura — Solar Plexus — Practicality

4th —Anahata — Heart — Harmony

5th — Vishuddha — Throat — Philosophy

6th — Ajna — Temple — Perception

7th — Sahasrara — Crown — Spirituality

1st cycle of 7

The seed takes root | Ages 1–7 | Induction and fear

The first Chakra — Known as Muladhara (meaning root) is our introduction to life. It is where we first experience the world of form. We discover chaos and stability; it is where we are introduced to the dichotomy of our existence. It is the opening of the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. The opening of This chakra signifies the induction to the materiality of reality. It is the seat of fear.

As individuals, we begin this life forming the understanding of the world we find when we emerge into the world of form from that of the formless. At this point we are ignorant of the world, everything is new and unknown to us. We all experience fear early in life because we know nothing and when we view fear as a motivating factor, it can be seen to help us understand the world we live in. Fear is a learned trait; it is simply a reaction to unknown exterior stimuli. Fear is the physical manifestation of our spirits’ reaction to its emergence from the world of the formless into that of form. The spirit takes a full cycle of seven years to acclimate.

In the earliest stages of our life, we find that we learn the physical world’s basics, how to walk, how to dress how to do whatever we need to do to actively participate in the creation of our life. This becomes the foundation for how we interact with the world. It is the process of the soul manifesting in its life.

The first seven-year cycle is all about the development of our foundational relationship to the physical world. Having recently emerged from the nonphysical, the consciousness of the individual has to learn its relationship to the body. Only through this process can it express itself through the limitations of the physical, via vocal communication, the manipulation of the physical environment, and a realization of safety and security, which are first experienced in this cycle.

The opening process takes us through a melding of each chakra with the Muladhara beginning in early development and being influenced each year with respective chakra influences. Though the chakra are not fully developed in their influential aspects they still have an effect as they develop.

The first cycle is the opening of Muladhara (fear)

Age ~ Opening Chakra + Influencing Chakra = Life Lesson

1 ~ 1st + 1st = fear + fear = Survival ~ all root

2 ~ 1st + 2nd = fear + feelings = Awakening ~ the I want phase

3 ~ 1st + 3rd = fear + practicality = Discovery ~ the asking phase

4 ~ 1st + 4th =fear + harmony = Socialization ~ psychological stability

5 ~ 1st + 5th = fear + philosophy = Comprehension ~ understanding the world

6 ~ 1st + 6th = fear + perception = Experience ~ exploring the world

7 ~ 1st + 7th = fear + spirituality = Mystery ~ the why phase

2nd Cycle of 7

Expansion of self | Ages 8–14 | Feelings

The second Chakra — Called Svadhistana (meaning sweetness) is the Sacral Chakra and it is experienced through the reproductive organs. It is located just below the midriff. It is the seat of feelings.

Development of the second chakra takes place with varying degrees through the second cycle, coming to a crest at about age 14. We begin to experience the world at this time through our sexual development and feelings. The expansion of desire and the experience of pleasure guide us as we start to comprehend the world through these experiences. It manifests as various expressions of will. Responsively, this transitional point takes us further through the physicality of the world and opens us up to external experience. It is through the sacral that we find the initial inklings for a connection to another. We discover it within the desire and the experience of passion.

This opens the pathway to the discovery of personal power. The life force that is us and defines who we are is seeking out the connection to another. We begin to look outside ourselves for companionship, recognition, and acceptance, and for what we perceive as love. Though love is often mistaken for desire as we have yet to open the Heart Chakra.

It is referred to as the Sacral, as it is the place where the sacred seat of the soul is said to reside. It is the foundation of our instinctual desire to express our connection to the universe through reproduction. The sense of separation and the inklings of individuality begin to manifest while within the second cycle of seven. This separation drives us to experience oneness via the onset of puberty.

The Second cycle is the opening of Svadhistana (feelings):

Year ~ Opening Chakra + Influencing Chakra = Life Lesson

8 ~ 2nd + 1st = feelings + fear = Misunderstandings ~ awakening of hormones

9 ~ 2nd + 2nd = feelings + feelings = Newness of love ~ feelings are out of control

10 ~ 2nd + 3rd = feelings + practicality = Relationships ~ inklings of interest in sex

11 ~ 2nd + 4th = feelings + harmony = Friendships ~ furthering socialization

12 ~ 2nd + 5th = feelings + philosophy = Respect ~ understanding relationships

13 ~ 2nd + 6th = feelings + perception = Morality ~ expression of self, dichotomy of honesty

14 ~ 2nd + 7th = feelings + spirituality = Compassion ~ understanding others

3rd cycle of 7

Opening of the self | Ages 15–21 | Practicality

The third Chakra — Called Manipura (meaning lustrous gem) its natural state is laughter, sadness, joy, and anger. It is located just above the navel. It is the location of the silver cord which connects the realms of form and formless. Its experience is expressed through our understanding of the universe. It is the embodiment of practicality.

Independence and the expression of will begin to take hold. In this phase, we seek to stand on our own. We begin to explore the world outside of self, outside of what we think we know of the world. We have now discovered that we have a connection to the world outside ourselves and the desire to experience more begins. It presents as a drive for independence and a detachment from what we know. It manifests as a desire to enact our own will on our circumstances. Development of the 3rd chakra often gives us this sense that we are invincible while in others manifests as quite the opposite.

This phase is often confusing as well as a liberating time. Our rationality for our world and a need to find permanence in our own right comes to bear. We seek further expressions of self and may experience and enact our will on others often with little regard to consequence. We begin to learn who we are. In this phase, we are still experiencing much of the world through the physicality of it, as we have yet to open ourselves to the formless.

The third cycle is the opening of Manipura (practicality):

Year ~ Opening Chakra + Influencing Chakra = Life Lesson

15 ~ 3rd + 1st = practicality + fear = Separation ~ development of individuality

16 ~ 3rd + 2nd = practicality + feelings = Pleasure ~ actively perusing love through sex

17 ~ 3rd + 3rd = practicality + practicality = Selfishness ~ joy is taken from relationships

18 ~ 3rd + 4th =practicality + harmony = Desire ~ wanting to understand everything

19 ~ 3rd + 5th = practicality + philosophy = Opinionating ~ realization of self desire

20 ~ 3rd + 6th = practicality + perception = Realization ~ rationalizing relationships

21 ~ 3rd + 7th = practicality + spirituality = Searching ~ longing for a spiritual companion

4th cycle of 7

Un-entangling of the heart | Ages 22–28 | Harmony

The fourth Chakra — Anahata (meaning unstuck) the heart chakra is located in the center of the chest it relates to love, compassion and healing. The development of the chakra during this time signifies our embarkation on the exploration of the intangible world. It is a time when matters of the heart go from overpowering to comprehensive. It is the foundation of harmonious life.

As our development of the individual begins to form we begin to attain independence. In such, there comes an inherent need, a desire to partner with another. The development of the Heart Chakra draws us near to fulfilling the emotional and physical needs of the soul. We begin to experience what love is. And for the first time, we discover what we thought was missing.

In this time we begin to fathom oneness, and as a result, we are drawn to find a connection to another. This newly found connection is often mistaken for the needs we experienced within the development of Svadhistana, the second chakra. Lessons of the heart are most prevalent at this time, as we begin to look away from the desires and passions of Svadhistana and feel a need to experience the truth of love. We look for a more permanent solution to this insatiable urge for permanence in matters of the heart. Often lessons of this nature teach us how to find compassion, however, as we have yet to open the throat chakra we have difficulty expressing this connection.

The fourth cycle is the opening of Anahata (harmony):

Age ~ Opening Chakra + Influencing Chakra = Life Lesson

22 ~ 4th + 1st = harmony + fear = Commitment ~ fear of the future

23 ~ 4th + 2nd = harmony + feelings = Respect ~ active form of love and understanding

24 ~ 4th + 3rd = harmony + practicality = Selflessness ~ beginnings of openness

25 ~ 4th + 4th = harmony + harmony = Stability ~ everything seems stable and unchanging

26 ~ 4th + 5th= harmony + philosophy = Meaning ~ rationalization and the search for purpose

27 ~ 4th + 6th = harmony + perception = Procreation ~ imparting knowledge

28 ~ 5th + 7th = harmony + spirituality = Education ~ a need to leave a legacy

5th cycle 7

Vocalization from within | Ages 29–35 | Practicality

The fifth chakra — Vishuddha (meaning purification) is the seat of communication. It is located in the throat and is where we experience self-expression. It gives us our philosophical nature.

We find in this phase our voice. For the first time in our life, we begin to rely on our own opinion. We discover that what we have to say has value, this can present in many ways, resulting in difficulties in relationships or an ability to overcome those difficulties.

Our creativity manifests as we start to come into our own. What we knew of the world now starts to be seen from a different perspective. Our unification of self develops as we move into a time where we realize the need to stand in our truth, as it is within this time that our truth begins to become solidified.

Some find a solidification of truth and may begin to be set in their ways. This phase of our life is often met with the beginnings of a change in consciousness. What we find in the reality of the world may appear to be different than what we once thought it was. Our comprehension of what is becomes intermingled or separated from what we expected our life and our world to be. So we start to realize more of who we are and find what we believe is our purpose.

The fifth cycle is the opening of Vishuddha (philosophy):

Age ~ Opening Chakra + Influencing Chakra = Life Lesson

29 ~ 5th + 1st= philosophy + fear = Forbearing ~ a fear of the future takes hold

30 ~ 5th + 2nd = philosophy + feelings = Proof ~ a desire to show what you believe is true

31~ 5th + 3rd = philosophy + practicality= Justification ~ attempt to find reason and meaning

32 ~ 5th + 4th = philosophy + harmony = Purpose ~ a coming together of form and function

33 ~ 5th + 5th = philosophy + philosophy= Initiation ~ birth or rebirth of the philosopher

34 ~5th + 6th = philosophy + perception = Adaptation ~ finding balance in work and purpose

35 ~5th + 7th = philosophy + spirituality = Reorientation ~ rationalization of self in purpose

6th cycle of 7

Inner illumination | Ages 36–42 | Perception

The 6th Chakra — Ajna (meaning to perceive) is often called the third eye as it is located midway between the eyes and within the center of the forehead. It is where intuition comes from. It is related directly to the pineal gland. This is where wisdom resides.

This is a time where we generally look to the development of a relationship with the non-physical. The inklings of wisdom take hold and our search for meaning becomes paramount. The world we have experienced begins to make sense to us as we experience it with our newly opened eye on the universe. The attainment of our voice allows us to now not only communicate but to know intuitively know what we want for ourselves. We are beginning to think clearly about life.

Our intuition, imagination, our insight and our connection to the universal voice manifests within and through this phase of our experience. It is where we learn to see for ourselves what we were meant to do. Our expression of Anja in this cycle helps us to comprehend the totality of the world. We begin to see just how much impact we have made on the world and often question whether we are doing what we are meant to do.

The sixth cycle is the opening of Ajna (perception):

Age ~ Opening Chakra + Influencing Chakra = Life Lesson

36 ~ 6th + 1st = perception + fear = Internalization ~ the fear of socialization

37 ~ = 6th + 2nd perception + feelings = Joy ~ finding justification for following purpose

38 ~ 6th + 3rd = perception + practicality = Spiritualization ~ active pursuit of spirituality

39 ~ 6th + 4th = perception + harmony = Realization ~ finding our authenticity

40 ~ 6th + 5th = perception + philosophy = Expression ~ proving ourselves to others

41 ~ 6th + 6th = perception + perception = Attainment ~ finding wisdom in self

42 ~6th + 7th = perception + spirituality = Comprehension ~ finding ones spiritual path

7th cycle of 7

The self-realized soul | Ages 43–49 | Discovering Spirituality

The seventh chakra — Sahasrara (meaning thousandfold) is located atop the head and is our connection to all that is. It is our external link to source. It is where the higher planes of consciousness are accessed. It is the place of bliss, and where we derive our spiritual essence.

Our connection to the source begins to take form. The person who is developing begins to recognize that they are part of something larger. Many seek a connection to source, at this point or begin to rekindle where we once were. The individual becomes self-realized and begins to look at the world from the perspective of knowing our time here is limited. Mortality comes into question as we seek a connection to that which we looked away from in youth.

Some refer to this as midlife. This is an adequate analogy. In this life, these years are often shown to be the doorway to higher learning. It is a completion of the seven cycles of seven. It is the point when we mature as an individual and we begin to live the life which aligns with our truest nature. For some, they look at the end of this phase as the end of growth. But this is not the case, it is simply the beginning of the phase of life where we “come into our own” it is the end of the first complete seven cycles of seven.

The Seventh Cycle is the opening of Sahasrara (spirituality):

Age ~ Opening Chakra + Influencing Chakra = Life Lesson

43 ~ 7th + 1st = spirituality + fear = Wavering ~ rationalization of our spirituality

44 ~ 7th + 2nd = spirituality + feelings = Dedication ~ spiritualization of feelings

45 ~ 7th + 3rd = spirituality + practicality = Systemization ~ organization of spiritual principles

46 ~ 7th + 4th = spirituality + harmony = Harmony ~ wanting to understand everything

47 ~ 7th + 5th = spirituality + philosophy = Understanding ~ realization of self worth

48 ~ 7th + 6th = spirituality + perception = Advisory ~ cultivation of spiritual knowledge

49 ~ 7th + 7th s= pirituality + spirituality = Idealism ~ spiritual refinement

Our life is ongoing, and our expansion and expression of “self” is equally ongoing. We are complete and whole, and regardless of where we are along our path, we are continually changing. The chakras are always functioning, they are always connecting us through the universe and we are perpetually fed by their influences. It is only within the understanding that these phases are completely interdependent as well as independent that we can see how they hold influence throughout our life.

The dichotomy of existence teaches us that both within the developmental phases, as well as the daily activities through which we commune with one another, show us how these cycles relate to our development as whole self-realized individuals. It shows us that there is no need to attach an expectation to the outcome, that we can simply align ourselves with the natural flow of life and disburden ourselves from our worry. This essay illustrates that development is ever ongoing, for even at the end of the completed seven cycles of seven years a pattern. For once spiritual refinement takes hold of us, growth continues ad infinitum.

It is not the end
it is not the beginning
nor is it the beginning of the end
this is simply a cyclical existence
there is no end without a beginning



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